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Climate partnerships for a greener future

Building on the Danish tradition for public-private partnerships, the Danish government has formed 14 climate partnerships representing the different sectors in the Danish economy.

Below, we invite you to explore each of the 14 partnerships in depth. Discover the actors behind them, their visions, and most importantly, their recommendations for government action.

Climate partnerships for a greener future

How to achieve one of the world’s most ambitious climate goals with recommendations from Denmark’s 14 climate partnerships

The unique collaboration between industry and government in the climate partnerships has been a catalyst for companies to look beyond their own industries for green solutions and innovative partnerships. The flagship Danish power-to-x project, Green Fuels for Denmark, which Ørsted is a key part of, was established as a result of this cross-sector collaboration to produce green fuels at scale to help decarbonise transportation

Mads Nipper, CEO, Ørsted & Chairman, Climate partnership for energy and utilities